Why wolves and marketing

Digital Gap Marketing Agency is obsessed with wolves. Maybe obsessed is too much of a strong word. Maybe it’s not strong enough. I will leave that up to you to decide. 

A true word to inspire

As a young graduate in the marketing industry I found myself working under the leadership of a strong entrepreneur who played a pivotal role in my skills development and general outlook on life.

This mentor told me one day that you find two types of people in this world – wolves and sheep. Wolves are highly intelligent, caring and devoted animals who question the status quo. They are strong, fierce and don’t give up. Wolves lead and do not follow.

At our marketing agency wolves inspire us. To do better. To push harder. To think in way in which boxes don’t even exists.

A creature that resembles the nature of the people we employ

Wolf-like individuals stand for guardianship, loyalty, curiosity, instinct and strong social orientation. This is the type of people that Digital Gap Marketing Agency employ and partner with.

(If you want to join our team send your CV to [email protected])

Symbolism for the important work we do

Wolves literally can change the landscape they live on. They are extremely influential creatures in any environment. This is the promise that DGAP marketing makes to our clients and customers; conviction in the work we do. Truth in our interaction and designs and filling the gap for our clients by standing beside them in a pack-like, never-say-die manner.

A reminder to raise leaders 

No company can survive without digilent workers and active boundaries pushing wolf-like individuals. Some of the best leadership advice I’ve ever received has been that we should manage and lead staff to leave us. If we manage them to stay we are not doing our job as true leaders. The saying: “If you love something let it go, if it comes back to you it’s ours” remains true for leadership as well. You should never ever take it personally when a staff member decides to move on. Rather take a critical look at yourself and ask what you have done to empower this individual; what legacy has your leadership left in them. 

At the core of the message lies the reminder in this, that I too, now a mentor, a leader and a manager need to raise wolves; this is the circle of life. There are never enough opportunities to raise up the next generation of true influencers.


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