Is the Medium still the message?

As the age-old marketing saying goes: the medium is the message. If you skipped that class on being a marketing expert, it simply means that the form in which you portray your marketing message says something without you saying it. Think of it as the impression your clothes give of yourself. Before you say anything, before any words come out of your mouth your clothes (the medium) is giving a message.

In today’s digital age where digital marketing has become the buzzword we often hear the conversation around this topic in our marketing agency.


Could such a traditional marketing message still be important today? 

The answer is yes! Even more than ever! As Laurence Green  puts it: “…publishers, platforms, brand-owners and agencies alike might all benefit from taking those five words a little more seriously: from reversing the corporate harakiri and reacquainting message and medium.”

It is important that digital marketers go beyond understanding the digital medium and really tailor the message to suit the particular platform. It is definitely not about just repurposing content on various platforms or just resizing it. 

To get the best from a digital medium it is important for brands to understand how the particular digital channel should be used. This lack of understanding acts as a barrier. What often happens is clients then blaming the medium for the message failure.


Often, having ideas are not the problem –  great digital ideas can come in an instant but great digital execution requires strategic pre-planning and precise production of the message to ensure it fits the medium.


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